Court Payment for Team Home Matches

There are separate accounts for each club team all listed under Teams in the members list. Payments are to be made by the captain on the day of the match with a single transfer of the court fee for three courts (currently £18), even though four court slots are booked. Each transfer should be for a single match and should include the match date information in the Message to … box.

It is up to the captains how they collect the court fee from other team players, but the obvious option is with transfers to their own account.

Code Name Captain
1011 Teams – Harrogate 1 Dave Hendry
1012 Teams – Harrogate 2 Dave Gifford
1013 Teams – Harrogate 3 Mark Hawke
1014 Teams – Harrogate 4 Kev Jackson
1015 Teams – Racketball Nick Bond
1021 Teams – Metro 1 Steve Collinson
1031 Teams – Metro 2 Louise Wagstaff
1032 Teams – Vets Louise Wagstaff
(assisted by Simon Hart-Woods)

Transfers are done using the Transfer funds to another member button (Your Information, Your Booking Account). Enter the code to transfer to in the Enter member ID box and click Show/Find member. If you can’t remember the code you can enter a partial name such as ‘teams’, and select from the list.

Each team captain has been given access to their team code:

  • Log on with your own code.
  • Go to Your Information.
  • Go to Your Profile.
  • You will see the team code on the right under Family. Click the Login button and confirm. You get temporarily logged in to the team account.
  • Go to Your Booking Account to see the payments.
  • When you log out from the team account you will still be logged in to your own account.

Please let the Booking Administrator know if the captaincy changes, or if you have any feedback on this process.