Prospective Member FAQ

We have tried to gather together here answers to every question ever asked by prospective members. If you still need help please contact the Membership Secretary.

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How do I join?

You have to be a member of the AWMA to join the Squash Club. You sign up and pay fees online via a third-party online portal. See Fees. The Squash Club is relatively cheap compared with clubs that maintain a reception.

What are the costs?

Members pay an annual subscription starting in October, and court fees. See the Fees page for current rates.

Can I join at any time?

Yes, but there are a couple of things you should know.

First, the AWMA has two modes of membership originally designed for Winter and Summer sports sections. Currently, if you join after 1 April, you will be given a Summer AWMA membership. This means that your AWMA membership year will be different to your Squash membership year, which starts on 1 October. You will be asked to renew the two at different times of the year, though you may prefer that.

Second, the Squash Club encourages people to enrol whenever they want by charging a pro-rata subscription fee when you join. But the process is to pay a full annual subscription and receive a pro-rata refund as an initial credit to your booking account.

Are there special rates for juniors?

Yes. Annual subscription to the Squash Club and to the AWMA are substantially reduced for under-18s. Court fees are also reduced.

Are there special rates for students?

Yes. Annual subscription to the Squash Club and to the AWMA are substantially reduced for students.

Are there any women members?

Yes. Men and women join and play on the same terms.

Can I join or renew online?

Yes. See the AWMA website to apply. Fees are paid online using your Squash Club online booking account. See Fees.

How many courts are there?

We have two well maintained brightly lit courts, one with a glass back and seating, the other a viewing gallery.

How do you book courts?

We have an online booking system that can be accessed from any modern browser, via a mobile app, and also from the touch-screen kiosk at the club. See the Booking page.

How do I access the online booking system?

You get a personal club account and you will be given a Member ID and PIN Code to access it. You navigate to the online booking system and log in. From there you can charge and manage your account, and book courts.

There is also a mobile version of the booking system. You can book courts from it, but cannot charge your account. If you want to charge your account from your phone, you must explicitly use the non-mobile version of the booking system.

How do I charge my club account?

This is done by secure electronic transfer from a debit or credit card.

You cannot charge your account from the mobile version of the booking system. If you want to charge your account from your phone, you must explicitly use the non-mobile version of the booking system.

How far in advance can I book a court?

Fourteen days.

How do you switch the court lights on?

The lights are controlled automatically by the club’s touchscreen kiosk PC using information from the online booking system.

Are visitors allowed to play?

Members can play with visitors. You can specify that you are playing a visitor when you book, and you get charged a visitor fee.

What if the internet connection goes down at the club?

If the internet connection is down at the club, then you will be unable to make or manage bookings from there. The software detects that the connection is down, and presents emergency control buttons for the court lights. So you will still be able to play. Please make sure you switch the lights off when you have finished.

Can I play for a bit longer at the end of a court session if the court isn’t booked?

Yes. If you log in on the club Kiosk PC, there is a button to pay for extra lights. The cost is 25% of the court fee for each 10 minutes. In fact you do not need to have just played on the court to buy immediate 10 min slots. The only requirements are that you log in on the club PC and the court is not already booked. So you can buy extra time on either court.

What if the system fails to switch the lights on for a booking?

This should not happen if the internet connection is up. If the connection goes down, then emergency light control buttons are displayed by the software. Please make sure you switch the lights off when you have finished. In the worst case, if you are unable to play you should ask the Bookings Administrator for a refund.

What if the Kiosk PC fails?

Thankfully this is very rare. The club Kiosk PC controls the court lights. If it does fail, you should contact the Bookings Administrator immediately. The club maintains a ‘hot standby’ PC to cater for such failures. If you are unable to use a booked court you should ask for a refund.

What if I forget my Member ID or PIN Code?

You do not need your Member ID at the club, just your PIN Code. From elsewhere you need both. If you have entered your email address into the system (using the Member information menu option), then you can ask the system to send your access details to your email address. Obviously you are a bit stuck if you are at the club and you have forgotten your PIN Code unless you have independent internet access.

Does the club run coaching sessions?

Yes. There are coaching sessions both for adults and for juniors on Saturday morning.

Does the club run a Club Night?

Yes. On Sundays from 17.00 we run a training exercise session followed by a normal club night from around 18.00 to 19.15. All standards are welcome. You just play anyone and everyone, and it’s currently free.

Can I join the leagues?

Yes. Contact the League Secretary who will try to slot you in at an appropriate position.

Are there any opportunities to play Club matches?

Possibly. We currently have eight Club teams; three in the Leeds Metro League, and five in the Harrogate League. Captains would welcome reserves. You have to be a member of England Squash & Racketball, but the Club arrange that for you if you enter your postal address into the online booking system.