Court Fees

Court booking slots are for 45 min. The first court starts at 08.45 every day, and the last court starts at 21.30.

Peak periods are from 17.00 Sun-Fri, and all day Sat.

Court fees for adult memberships are £5 peak and £2.50 off-peak. There are reduced rates for juniors.

The visitor fee is £5.

Tournaments & Club Night

Club Night, the Club Championship and Plate and the Handicap Tournament are all free. Other tournaments and team matches etc are paid for by manually transferring money from your account to one of the Club accounts. You do this from Your Information, Your Booking Account.

For team match see Teams. Other club accounts are all listed under ‘ASC’.

Code Name Amount
1001 ASC – Coaching Your share of the normal court fees
1002 ASC – Tournaments Your half of the normal court fees
1004 ASC – Miscellaneous As appropriate

Membership Fees

Squash Club members must be members of the Adel War Memorial Association, but subscription fees for both are paid directly using manual transfer in the online booking system (‘Transfer Funds to another member’). For the 2022/23 season you should transfer to member 2023. (Membership fees for other AWMA sections are not paid through our system, but through their Love Admin system.)

Current subscription fees are below.

Membership Category Combined ASC & AWMA Fee
Adult (18-64) £161
Senior (65+) £148
Student £60
Junior (under 18) £45

The AWMA fee included in the above is £15 in each case.

In addition, new members are required to pay a returnable deposit for their door entry key fob. This is done separately, from your court booking account. After charging your online booking account from a debit card, manually transfer the fee to the following Club account. You do this from Your Information, Your Booking Account.

Code Name Amount
9000 Door Entry System Returnable Deposit £20


Most courts are paid for automatically when they are booked. Where it is necessary for courts to be paid for manually, such as for coaching, you should remember to pay before you play. Otherwise you may get an automatic fine of £10 applied to your account.

The annual subscription falls due on 1st Oct each year. Members must pay by this date to ensure continued access to the booking system.